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Dual channel, multiformat digital player/recorder
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LiveMedia Server

LiveMedia Server

LiveMedia Server is a versatile solution for recording and broadcasting video clips. Especially suitable for live requirements, it offers operators great flexibility to import and readjust clips at the last moment, instantly record and replay files, natively support and mix a great number of codecs, formats and resolutions.

Compact to integrate, easy to use

LiveMedia Server is a compact 1U rack device with a depth of just 42 cm. It offers 2 channels configurable as recorder or player as desired: i.e. 2 broadcast channels, 2 recording channels or 1 recording channel and 1 playout channel simultaneously. LiveMedia Server has 2 SDI SD/HD inputs and outputs with embedded audio. The modular user interface is displayed on a standard monitor and is operated by keyboard, mouse and an included Jog-Shuttle controller.

Total multi-codec environment

LiveMedia Server supports the recording and playing of most codecs and formats, without prior transcoding: DNxHD, H264, ProRes, MPEG1/2/4, XDCAM, QuickTime, MXF, WMV… All types of files can be mixed in the same broadcasting list, LiveMedia Server automatically manages the SD/HD conversions, the aspect ratio changes and field inversions.

Playlist editor

The clip broadcasting lists are editable in real time by simply dragging and dropping and by monitoring the folder: new clips saved in a folder are automatically detected to be added to the playlist, even during broadcasting. They support the following play modes: sequential, clip by clip and loop.

Playout during recording

A clip being recorded on a channel can be dragged in real time into the play channel enabling simultaneous broadcasting with slow-motion play.

External controls

LiveMedia Server can command one BlackMagic router and one TriCaster production system over IP to trigger a switching onto playout. On the other hand, LiveMedia Server can be controlled by GPI, VDCP protocols and Sony RS‑422.

Two graphic layers per channel

Two graphic layers per channel

A fixed or animated graphics page can be embedded on a playlist's broadcast. It may simply contain a static logo, but also several animated elements assembled with the free LiveCG Composer editor. A second graphics channel also enables a graphics page to be synchronized on each clip of the same playlist.

Preview Channel

Preview Channel

The user interface has been designed with specific modules, to give the operator a complete control over the synchronization between graphics' display and the speaker's comments on site. Another module can be used to display the ranking and results updates from other games or the overall competition. LiveCG Football features an interface dedicated to animate and customize penalty shoot-out.

Statistics Module

Statistics Module

LiveCG Football can keep track of a whole range of data and display the running totals during the game: Ball possession per team, shots on target vs. total shots, goal chances, assists vs. total passes, fouls by/on a player. An optional module gives the ability to import external data to display in real-time, provided by sports data companies such as OPTA.


  • Supported files formats: GIF, TGA, PNG, JPG and image sequences
  • Supported animation formats : SWF (Flash)
  • Supported video resolutions: SD, HD, PAL, NTSC, 16/9, 4/3
  • Layer management, with alpha channel
  • Transition effects: fade in/out, shift, blur, stretch, etc.
  • NewTek AirSend® and NDI® protocols supported for direct Ethernet connection to TriCaster and 3Play

Recommended hardware configuration

  • i7 processor
  • SSD system disk
  • 3TB HDD for data
  • 16GB RAM

Configurations available

  • LiveCG Football software for TriCaster/3Play
  • LiveXpert 1RU turnkey solution providing SDI SD/HD and Fill&Key outputs

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