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DELTA-stat IP is a complete turnkey solution to generate and display graphics for multisport live productions such as pre-game animations and presentations, clocks, animated scores, statistics management, actions, referee decisions…

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DELTA-Stat IP is featured in a 1U rack format, easy to integrate in stadiums and sports arenas control rooms or in OB vans. Using an Ethernet connection, and not the video inputs, DELTA-Stat IP complements perfectly TriCaster and 3Play.

The quality of DELTA-stat IP 3D graphics engine optimizes display on big screens and on any video terminal.

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Advanced Database Engine

DELTA-stat IP multi criteria database eases drastically games' preparation and sequencing. Input information about referees, commentators, players classified by sport, team, and nationality. Each field can be customized to store various type of information such as age, height, weight, rank, position… Pictures and videos can be attached to each entry form.

Import players' lists easily and in a matter of minutes from an Excel spreadsheet. With DELTA-stat IP, store each event's information, organize them by competition, generate results tables, or create stadiums presentation…

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Intuitive Graphic Design Tool

Create customized graphics using information from the database. Insert logos, titles, clips, animate and synchronize them to deliver high-end quality graphics with a very intuitive and complete tool. DELTA-stat IP supports True Type and UNICODE font types. The exclusive timeline provides a rapid and precise control over the animations and transitions. For a perfect finish, each object can be associated to a fixed or animated texture with transitions.

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Customized interface for live

DELTA-stat IP provides dedicated user interfaces for each sport, to easily manage live production according to the rules and actions of each sport. Two windows give the ability to preview pages before being sent live, keeping a complete control over the on-screen content.

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Games information about players, teams' results, ranking…are available from the tabs, to easily display pre-game information. Players' replacement, yellow card, goal…specific animations for each action of the game can be launched from a single mouse click.

Timers and countdowns

Every timer design can be adapted to each sport, to display various timing information during the game: extra time, injury time, shot clock…DELTA-stat IP can be connected to digital scoreboards using LiveCG TeD.

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A module dedicated to statistics inputs, feeds the database in real-time to be live-ready. Statistics categories can be customized according to players, actions and position on the field. All the statistics of a game can be stored in the event database.


  • Specific user interfaces for: Soccer, Rugby and Basketball
  • UNICODE support.
  • Supported formats: JPG, BMP, TGA, PNG…
  • Supported video formats: QuickTime® (.mov).
  • AirSend Protocol support for TriCaster and 3Play integration.
  • 1U Rack format.

Available configurations

  • DELTA-Stat IP comes as a 1RU turnkey system with live interfaces for two sports to be chosen between: Basketball, Football and Rugby.
  • The additional license for the third sport support is available as an option.

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