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Ethernet to GPI and Quad RS-232/422 hardware interface
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LiveControl Box acts as a portal for controlling devices across a LAN, WAN and over Internet : VCR’s, DDR’s, video routers, switchers, projectors… LiveControl Box simplifies long distance cabling by using IP addressable, point-to-point architecture to send control messages over existing 10/100 BASE-T wiring.

LiveControl Box works with TriCaster 410, 460, 860 and 8000. This is the mandatory interface for sending and receiving GPI (General Purpose Interface) to and from any kind of devices supporting GPI.

LiveControl Box converts switch contact closure to IP commands compatible with TriCaster to trigger macro-commands. Conversely LiveControl Box converts IP commands coming from a TriCaster into a GPI trigger to control an external device such as a character generator, a video server, a video router or any equipment from a conferencing room.

LiveControl Box supports simultaneously 24 GPI inputs and 24 GPI outputs. The GPI ports on the rear of the Box are 25 pin D-sub connectors. The GPI In connector has 24 TTL/CMOS compatible inputs with internal pull-ups to +5 volts. The GPI Out connector has 24 TTL/CMOS compatible outputs. On both connectors, pin 1 is the ground reference and pins 2-25 are the GPI signals.

Configuration is accomplished through a web page server built into the eBox. Items such as port speed, parity, IP address, remote IP address and TCP port are set using a standard web browser. Settings are stored in nonvolatile memory. LiveControl Box Ethernet port is just like an Ethernet port on a computer, and can be connected to a hub, switch or router.

LiveControl Box documentation provides comprehensive tools for software developers to link Visual Basic, C++, HTML or embedded devices for direct control of any device connected to any LiveControl Box.

LiveControl Box converts 4 serial ports and 24 GPI (General Purpose Interface) inputs and 24 GPI outputs to 100/10baseT Ethernet. The serial ports can be configured in the field to appear as EIA/TIA RS-232E and CCITT V.28 or as EIA/ TIA RS-422A, RS-423 and Federal Standards 1020 & 1030 ports. Additionally, the port direction can independently be configured as DTE or DCE. This configuration is not supported by TriCaster

Technical features:

  • Communicate over standard TCP/IP
  • Traffic can be routed over internal LANs, wireless LANs, MANs, WANs and even over the Internet
  • Require TriCaster version 2.3 and above
  • Dimension : 21,6 x 11,94 x 4,45 cm
  • Weight : 1,5 Kg

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