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LiveMixer Remote is an application with a range of tools for controlling a TriCaster remotely and making it possible for a sound operator to work on a dedicated workstation, or even to automatically set multi-camera capture based on speakers sound levels.

Give the power to the presenter whether on a stage or during a conference

LiveMixer Remote works on a network-enabled PC and gives access to all TriCaster commands no matter how far the TriCaster is from the sound mixer controlling it. This allows conference hosts to use a simplified console to introduce topics themselves or presenters to launch jingles from their decks to liven up their programme. Similarly, maps can be assigned to a particular button to make it easy for an announcer to record a weather bulletin, etc.

A dedicated workspace for sound operators

LiveMixer Remote gives sound operators an independent work station by reproducing the TriCaster's audio mixer graphic interface on to a dedicated screen near the audio mixing controllers. LiveMixer Remote can be used with Berhinger BCF2000 and Yamaha 01V96i controllers. The controllers are connected to a USB port on the remote PC using a USB-MiDi adaptor supplied as part of the standard equipment.

LiveMixer Remote makes it possible to assign independently each of the TriCaster audio channel's to a Fader on the controller, or to mix audio sources with the mixing desk, only using the internal sources (DDR’s, Sound, NET, etc.) and the TriCaster outputs. Control is bi-directional so that the sound mixer's graphic interface and TriCaster are updated with each change in the position of the Fader. In addition, any change made with the mouse to the interface of the LiveMixer Remote or even to the TriCaster will be reflected in the mixing desk's motorised Faders.

Automatic sound recording

LiveMixer Remote has a built-in DBSwitch option developed for the automatic recording of radio programmes, conferences and meetings. This combines the TriCaster's powerful macro-command editor and robotic camera guidance capabilities to link them to audio levels detection on each of the system's audio inputs.

The DBSwitch settings can be used to build full scenarios that can trigger one or more actions after picking up the same sound. For example, you can switch camera shot and insert a title or graphics. The settings can also combine detecting a variety of sound levels on several inputs simultaneously in order to manage wide shots selection.

DBSwitch includes adjustable time-delays to help create more natural transitions between switches and conditional delays to enable dynamic capturing and avoid long static shots.

LiveMixer Remote features

  • Compatible with TriCaster 300, 410, 450, 455, 460, 850, 855,860, 8000 Standard Edition. Actual version does not support Advanced Edition.
  • Midi Launchpad tablet support
  • Pre-setting for various TriCaster models and customisable interface.
  • Can be used with Behringer BCF-2000 and Yamaha 01V96i to control sound volume and Solo, Mute, Pan, Follow modes, etc.
  • Control all of the TriCaster's sound input and output channels
  • Can pick up sound level across 16 mono audio sources
  • Incudes a LiveMixer licence to install on the TriCaster
  • USB/Midi adaptor supplied
To get the most out of the LiveMixer Remote, make sure that you have the latest TriCaster system.

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