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LiveMixer is an exclusive add-on that provides the ability to connect a Berhinger BCF2000 or a Yamaha 01V96i to any TriCaster HD model, in order to remotely control the audio mixer functions of the TriCaster.

The audio panels are connected to one USB port of the TriCaster, using the USB-to-MiDi adapter included.

LiveMixer can be easily configured by independently linking each audio channel of the TriCaster to a fader of the audio mixer, or by mixing audio sources apart from the TriCaster and controlling all internal sources (DDR’s, Sound, NET…) and outputs from the external audio mixer. LiveMixer provides a bidirectional control, any fader change from the audio mixer updates the graphic interface of the TriCaster, and any change made from the TriCaster interface is reflected on the motorized fader of the audio mixer.

LiveMixer is easy to install and easy to use, it comes with factory presets and can be customized to suit production needs.

LiveMixer Features

  • Compatible with TriCaster 300, 410, 450, 455, 460, 850, 855,860, 8000 Standard Edition. Actual version does not support Advanced Edition.
  • Presets for different TriCaster models or custom presets.
  • Behringer BCF-2000 and Yamaha 01V96i support offering control over audio level, Solo, Mute, Pan, Follow functions.
  • Control of all TriCaster audio lines (up to 32 lines with a single control surface).
For better performance make sure your TriCaster system is updated with the latest available software.

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